About Our Station

Urbana Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department is a combination fire department. Simply put we are a fire department consisting of both career staff and volunteer members. The benefit to the community of having a combination station is emergency service coverage 24/7, which in turn provides a better Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating for the community.

Career staff assigned to the station consists of an officer (Captain or Lieutenant), a technician (driver for the truck/engine), two firefighter/emergency medical technicians, and a paramedic. The career staff handles all daily operations of the fire station and provides the minimal staffing required when responding to an emergency.

Volunteer members of our station respond to an emergency call as staffing to fulfill the additional needs and requirements of an emergency. The volunteer members receive the same level of training as the career staff and operate in the same capacity. The volunteer members of our station are true volunteers and are not compensated for their time.

Funding Our Station

All Frederick County fire departments receive a portion of the tax dollars collected to supplement the cost of operating a fire station. The tax dollars provided by the county cover basic operating costs for the fire department like electricity, heating, fuel, etc.

The main source of our operating funds comes from the community and your support during our fundraisers like the carnival, public dinners, bingo, etc. Funds are also collected from our donation drive, which is conducted door-to-door between October and December each year.

The funds collected through donations and fundraising activities allow us to maintain, operate and repair the department’s vehicle apparatus. The funds also allow us to purchase items we can use during an emergency response like, hose, tools, personal protective equipment (PPE), cots for the ambulance, defibrillators, etc. These items are on display during the open house and we encourage you to ask questions about them.

We have a few fundraisers coming up in the near future and our banquet hall can be rented for special events. Please feel free to ask our members for additional details or call (301) 606-3008.

Upcoming Events

Jul 16

UVFD Carnival Dates

July 16 @ 5:30 pm - July 21 @ 11:30 pm